Hot Summer? We Have a Fan (Club).

Oh yeah... we just went there. 

But seriously, isn't it time you received exclusive status, access to backstage passes and extra perks from bands you love? Afterall, it's because of YOU that we make music! 

So here's the deal: The Farewell Family is moving. That's right. The "change of address" form has been signed, the movers are coming in a few days, and we're packing up and moving the family over to a brand new online home. (Sorry... we just can't stop the cheesy puns and metaphors. Roll with it).

Starting September 1st, we're offering a space where you can access content only for Farewell Family Members, be the first to hear our new music, have a chance to receive comp tickets to shows, and much more. Keep your eyes peeled on our current Farewell Family FB page to learn more about the big move.